Monday, January 16, 2012

Rediscovering Pinky . . .

I have a (pink) Canon PowerShot SD1100 that I bought in 2008 (Black Friday shopping!!)  I've always shot it in auto (kind of like I did with my Rebel T2i for the first year).  Since I've been dabbling in shooting in manual with my T2i, I thought I would pull out Pinky and try her in manual.  With this point and shoot, the shutter speed and aperture are auto selected, even in manual mode, but white balance and ISO (along with some other functions) can be adjusted in manual mode.

My verdict . . . not bad. ~ Manual ISO 200 ~ f2.8 ~ 1"

This photo is submitted as part of Sweet Shot Tuesday by Darcy of My 3boybarians


  1. Sweet shot! Keep it up!

  2. Great shot! Changing to manual does make a difference. I've tried it out recently for some pictures and it's fun to see what my camera can really do.

  3. ahh, such a sweet shot. I have one very similar to this one of my Toby!!