Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Unfortunately, we lost my husband's father on New Years Day (what a way to start the year).  So, we were in North Carolina for his funeral.  I was not updating photos, but I was taking photos.  Here are the pics for 1/5 - 1/8.

January 5 ~ On the ride down I-95 South to NC, I caught this photo of the sunset.

 January 6 ~ My father-in-law served in the Army so he was given a full military service.  The flag in the foreground is the flag that was presented to his wife.

 January 7 ~ While waiting for my husband to get out of Best Buy (I was in the car with my dog), I saw the reflection of the sky in my phone (this photo was taken with my iPhone 4)

January 8 ~ My mischievous cat in her favorite location (in the dinning room, on the chair)

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge
I am participating in the P52 Photo challenge.  This week's challenge is "Resolution."  I intend for all my future P52 submissions to be a single picture, but without even trying, all my pictures are connected to my 2012 resolution. ~ I resolve to enjoy the simple things ~ Whether a sunset, the presence of friends and relatives, a clear blue sky or my cat just sitting around, life has so many moments that we just take for granted.  I hope to capture loads of them in this photo blog. 


  1. I am sorry for your loss. I love the sunset photo!

  2. Ah, so not a restful weekend. My condolences. Great pictures, though! Thanks for stopping by for my SITS day! :)

  3. so sorry for the loss of your FIL. your photo was a lovely tribute. thanks for stopping by my blog. look forward to seeing you around on Project 52. :) kelly

  4. It was very nice to find your blog. I'm so sorry for the loss to your family; that is a hard way to start the year. I love your resolution to enjoy the simple things--that's really where life happens!


  5. I love the sunset photo! It's beautiful!SOrry about your father in law.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father in law. It seems that you are well on your way to enjoying the simple things in life. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog I look forward to doing P52 and checking out your progress.

  7. Your photos are gorgeous. So sorry for your loss.

    Debra @ Darcy's p52 project