Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why I need a macro lens . . .

My shots for the 10th and the 11th are combined because I got home really late on Tuesday. Both of my shots display why I really need a macro lens. So, it will be my next photography purchase.

January 10th ~ Blind men now see ~ I have really been enjoying taking pictures these past few days. It is a blessing to even have the sight I have to take these pictures. Matthew 20: 29-34 tells the story Jesus and two blind men who asked that their eyes be opened. In a way, this challenge has opened my eyes too.
January 11th ~ A Gift of Love ~ This is my engagement ring, which will be three years old next month. The shots started with Life Savers candy, but I ate them all before I could get a good picture. :) Try as I may, I could not get my 18-55mm kit lens to focus on the center of the ring. (However, my lucky bamboo leaves are perfectly in focus *sigh*)

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Sweet Shot Day


  1. Start with a nifty 50! Do you have a Nikon or Canon? Its cheap, around $100! It's great!
    And your engagement ring is still beautiful!

  2. Thanks! I'll definitely look into that. I have a Canon.

  3. beautiful ring! and i love that scripture passage. xo

  4. I second the 50 lens. I have a Canon and it works in so many situations.